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Application Details & Cost

Your application does not guarantee your space at the festival.  You will be notified if your application is approved.

Applications close Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 5.00pm.

Late applications will not be accepted. A selection process will take place and all successful applicants will be notified by Friday 17 January 2020.

Successful applicants will be asked for additional documentation such as:

Current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million),
Dangerous/Hazardous Materials Register (this includes any LPG gas)
NSW Safe Food Handling Certificate
AND full payment of all site fees.
Stalls will not be able to trade until they have provided all required documentation.

Payment of Stall Fees

Fees for accepted stalls will be finalised with the Stallholder Coordinator after discussion of power and site requirements. Once your application has been approved and all relevant documentation received, we will send you an invoice for your stall fee.

All fees must be paid by 20 January 2020. If you have not paid your full fee by 20 January 2020 your stall site may be reallocated to someone on the waiting list. Please notify our Stallholder Coordinator by phone or email that you have paid your fee, to avoid confusion and potential loss of your site.

A Cancellation Policy provides for a refund of the site fee paid, less an administration fee of $50 if notice is received no later than 20 January 2020. Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

Additional Information

Insurance - Stalls must provide a copy of Public Liability Insurance before the Festival with coverage up to $10 million and will be required to provide a Certificate of Currency if selected.

Trading conditions - Stalls are expected to trade between 11.30 am until 4 pm over the duration of the Festival as a minimum. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate stalls for less than the full duration of the Festival.

Food requirements - Food applicants must comply with NSW Food Act 2007 regulations. ALL food handling businesses in NSW are required to “notify” their details to the NSW Food Authority. Please access the following website address and enter your details: www.foodnotify.nsw.gov.au Notification will be received with a reference number. Food stalls will require a Food Safety Supervisor who has passed a course and holds a certificate. Visit to learn more: http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/retail/fss-food-safety-supervisors/guide-for-businesses#.VGwJwPmUdpo A copy of your FSS certificate should be sent with your application. Information about NSW Food Authority Guidelines for Temporary Food Events is available at www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au
Coffs Harbour City Council food safety requirements http://www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/learning-and-prospering/Business-In-Coffs/Pages/food-businesses.aspx

Inspections - Stalls will be inspected by Coffs Harbour City Council or Festival Management during the Festival. Any requests made during these inspections must be adhered to before trading commences.

Product Details - Saltwater Freshwater Festival reserves the right to withdraw from sale any items that have not previously been approved or are deemed inappropriate. Saltwater Freshwater Festival management has overall control of signage, material and products sold or displayed at the event. Please note that any signage, material or products may be refused inclusion entirely at the discretion of the management.

Noise - Stallholders are not permitted to play any amplified music or sound.

Fee Structure

Arts & Craft Stall (Aboriginal owned only)

Site Fees

Received by 20 January 2020
to be confirmed

Food Stall

Site Fees

Received by 20 January 2020
to be confirmed

Please complete the application below or for more information contact our office on 6658 1315

Stallholder Guidelines

The following information will assist you in completing your application.

Stalls Set-up

Retail Stallholders will be provided with a 3.6m x 3.6 marquee, 1 x (10 amp) power outlet on request, 1 x trestle table (one 2.4 m x .6 m), and 2 x chairs. A sign with your stall business name will also be provided.

Food Stallholders will be provided with a 3.6m X 3.6 marquee, 1 x (10 amp) power outlet with additional outlets on request, a stall front, 1 x trestle table (one 2.4 m x .6 m), and 2 x chairs. A sign with your stall business name will also be provided.

Food Stallholders bringing their own van will be provided with 1 x (10 amp) power outlets with additional outlets on request. The provision of all other equipment is the responsibility of the stallholder. Please note there is no discount to the site fee if you bring your own van.


Saltwater Freshwater Festival provides a 190mm x 1500mm sign for each stall. On your application, please include what you require on your sign (up to 40 characters).


Stalls will not have lighting, as the event closes before sunset. Adequate site lighting will provided for bump-out.

Additional Equipment

Any additional equipment needed will be the responsibility of the stall holder. You must notify the Festival via your application if you intend to supply your own cool room.

Stall & Site Layout

Please note:

  • Stall Size refers to the size of your stall only.
  • Site Size refers to your stall plus all back of house requests.
  • Having the exact dimensions of your whole site set up is crucial for us to be able fit all stalls accepted on site.
  • Generally stall/site sizes are 3.6×3.6 metres. Stall sites and pricing are calculated around 3.6×3.6 metre units.
  • If your total stall site needs are outside these dimensions or you need additional space for change rooms, preparation and cool rooms you must specify this in the application form and on the attached scale drawing of your proposed stall site.
  • Charges for extra space, including cool rooms will be based on the number of additional 3.6×3.6 unit blocks you require.
  • An on-site team will confirm that your setup matches your application and payment, so please be as accurate as possible when completing your application and the scale site drawing.
  • Allocation of individual stall sites is made carefully with consideration of stall type, site size, WH&S and power, water and waste disposal requirements, individual requests for space and site restrictions. The location of all stalls is at the discretion of the Saltwater Freshwater Festival management.


Stallholder Parking details to be confirmed

Stallholders will receive one (1) parking permit for vehicular deliveries to their stall site during bump-in hours. Access to the site for bump out is at the discretion of the Festival team.

Site Access

Bump in times
26 January 2020


Bump out times
26 January 2020

5:30 PM – 9.00 PM

Dependant on safety review by Festival management may be delayed if site is unsafe. Stallholders can only access the site during the times stipulated.

To be part of the 2020 Saltwater Freshwater Festival we ask that you work with us to ensure that the Festival site is a calm and safe place for all concerned during set up & pack down times.

Stall Utilities


Stalls requiring power can hire 1 x 10 Amp power outlet for $25 and may request up to a maximum of 5 outlets at an additional cost. Total power needs will be determined if the stallholder application is successful.

All electrical equipment to be used on site, including extension leads and power boards, must be tagged and tested by a qualified technician at the stallholder’s expense. Failure to do so may result in the closure of your stall until leads and power boards provided are approved, at the cost of the stallholder.

Please note that 3-phase and 15amp outlets will only be available on request.


You will be invoiced for one 15 amp power outlet for your cool room as well as for the additional space required.

Providing Accurate Information

Stalls sites are allocated according to requirements for power and water. It is important that accurate information is supplied in your application so that we can accommodate your requests.

An onsite team will confirm that your set up matches your application and payment. If you have additional equipment to what is listed on your application you may be asked to pay for additional power.

Work Health & Safety

Food stallholders must provide current, tagged fire extinguishers and fire blankets, an equipped first aid kit, and non-slip material to protect the ground surface beneath cooking appliances from spillage.

Stallholders must ensure that their activities meets Commonwealth, State and Local Government regulations relating to health, fire, food safety and vendors licence requirements. Stallholders must also comply with all Saltwater Freshwater Festival WH&S policies.

All stallholders must attend mandatory on site briefings prior to being able to commence trading.

Environmental & Waste Management

Stallholders must agree to comply with Saltwater Freshwater waste policy and only sell or give away products in 100% biodegradable packaging. No glass containers or plastic bags.

Food stalls are asked to serve food in biodegradable bowls, plates and cups, not large enclosed packaging, and to use biodegradable utensils.

Stalls must be kept clean and tidy. Waste disposal, including liquid waste, is the responsibility of the stallholder. Sullage water stations will be provided.

Access to bins for cardboard will be provided in shared areas between stalls. You must be prepared to transport your waste to these collection points.

Oil must be disposed of in a screw lid drum that stallholders will be required to dispose of off-site.

General waste, recycling and composting bins will be provided in the Festival area and regularly serviced. This year the costs for waste disposal for Food stalls have been rolled into the stall fee.