Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance Launches New Website

Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance (SWFW) is delighted to launch its stunning new website to the Mid North Coast community.

The website, which went live this week, showcases the powerful work of SWFW within the community through an intuitive, story-driven navigation which invites the visitor to explore and see the positive outcomes of SWFW’s cultural programs and mentorship in the Aboriginal community.

It replaces the previous website dating from 2010 and brings together the online presence of Saltwater Freshwater Festival under one banner.

Jane Tavener, social enterprise co-ordinator at SWFW, and Eve Jaremka of Louden Up Media, who co-led the rewriting and restructuring of the website, said: “We wanted the new website to feel inviting, accessible and inclusive, and to immediately make clear to visitors the many things that SWFW does in the region.

“We tried wherever possible to convey these stories and information through the words and real experiences of participants and in the words of the Elders, who are directly involved in and touched by SWFW’s programs and events.

“We also wanted a real wow-factor platform on which to showcase the stunning and heart-warming photography of those people particpitating in SWFW’s programs. We hope anyone who visits the site will be inspired and really understand what SWFW does.”

The website also invites visitors to visit and explore SWFW’s exciting commercial arm, the National Aboriginal Design Agency, which brokers high-profile partnerships between Aboriginal designers and those seeking authentic Aboriginal design in public buildings and corportate settings.

For media enquiries, please contact general manager Chris Spencer on (02) 6658 1315 or 0428 002 313.