Yaam darruy ngiina nyaagaygu - It's nice to see you

Delivering innovative programs

We provide a year-round program of activities grounded in arts and skills development across a range of different art forms in our ten communities, many of them aimed at the next generation

“Building a canoe is men’s business”

Uncle Fred Kelly, Dunghutti Elder

“You can never underestimate the excitement of hearing them say ‘Is that really going to float?’ and and then seeing their reactions when it does.”

Uncle Fred Kelly, Dunghutti Elder

“Traditionally it's been a way of using natural renewable material to be able to travel across water. It’s also a way for Elders to work with young men and pass on that knowledge. That way they grow their relationships and build a lot of trust”

Uncle Fred Kelly, Dunghutti Elder

Culture Camps

Saltwater Freshwater has been running culture camps with enormous success since 2013, using the power of Aboriginal culture to inspire, connect and empower our young people.

Canoe Building

Saltwater Freshwater’s community canoe-building projects allow significant cultural knowledge to be transferred between generations, as well as teaching Aboriginal boys and young men technical, leadership and life skills.

Saltwater Freshwater Art Book

This unique publication presents 39 Aboriginal visual artists from the Mid North Coast in a comprehensive and cohesive way.

Storytelling to Design

Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance’s Storytelling to Design Project in 2013 is a fine example of the power of collaboration, stories and art on the Mid North Coast of NSW.


Dance has been a form of storytelling in Aboriginal culture since time began; today such gathering and storytelling is just as important.


Since 2009, Saltwater Freshwater has been working with weavers from Boolarng Nangamai on the South Coast and our own Mid North Coast communities to teach in-depth weaving skills and how to harvest and use local plants for weaving purposes. 


Saltwater Freshwater promotes and facilitates the revitalisation of Aboriginal language via language workshops and projects. 


Saltwater Freshwater’s ceramic design labs provide hands-on ceramics experience through a series of sessions for Aboriginal artists from the Forster and Worimi region.