Saltwater Freshwater Culture Camp 2014

The second Saltwater Freshwater Cultural Camp held on Worimi country over three days, saw 20 youth aged 15 to 18 from the Biripi and Worimi nations come together at Camp Elim in Forster NSW to learn a new (Our) Flash Mob Dance.

Dance facilitators worked with the young participants and ran daily dance rehearsals across two days at the venue, as well as on the beach in the stunning Bootie Bootie National Park.

Workshops included teaching Gathang language around the campfire on the beach; spear throwing and bush tucker walk; girls weaving with Worimi women; boys didgeridoo; and painting.

The culmination of the camp was a performance for family, community and Elders, followed by a bush tucker lunch. Six young people were also selected to attend the NAISDA state camp, a key step towards a dance career.

Following the camp, the youth participants came together during NAIDOC Week to form (Our) Flash Mob and travelled for two days performing to more than 2,000 members of the public at various regional locations.

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