Weaving stories and culture – a practice in contemporary fibre art and fashion

A Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance project supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW developing our regions weavers and showcasing the innovative and extraordinary creative Koori talent from the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Saltwater Freshwater worked with 11 weavers from across the Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, Biripi and Worimi nations, supporting them to develop fibre art fashion pieces to be showcased at the Saltwater Freshwater Arts 2021 exhibition and possible fashion shows and exhibitions in the future. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the weavers met monthly via zoom and a closed Facebook group over a 6-month period to develop design concepts and to share ideas and support each other.

The finished pieces plus fashion style photographs of Aboriginal models wearing the pieces are now part of the SWFW Arts 2021 exhibition. Our photographer documented the weaver’s processes and this footage has culminated in a doco-style film sharing the process of making; available here:

A huge thank you to our funders, our weavers, their models and our photographer for this stunning display of weaving and First Nations talent.

Title of work: Mirriiyngili gili 2020 Weaver: Arlene McInherny Model: Aliya Morris
Title of work: Gumbaynggirr Girl 2020 Weaver: Denise Buchanan & Aunty Lauren Jarrett Model: Keneisha Close Photographer: Jay Black
Title of work: Ngatha galbaan garuwa “I am Saltwater Woman 2020” Weaver: Aunty Lyn Davis Model: Aunty Lyn Davis
Title of work: Women’s Business 2020 Weaver: Aunty Pam Saunders Model: Tiffany Saunders
Title of work: Spirit of Sun 2020 Weaver: Joedie Lawler Model: Luca Saunders
Title of work: Emu woman 2020 Weaver: Joedie Lawler Model: Noreen Carr
Title of work: Garuwa (Native Plum) 2020 Weaver: Nancy Pattison & Natasha French Model: Jaynarleeya Munro
Title of work: Biyabang (Tea Tree) 2020 Weaver: Nancy Pattison & Natasha French Model: Estella Blair
Title of work: Baril Wayila (Red tailed black Cockatoo) Weaver: Nancy Pattison, Natasha French and Aunty Cheryl Blair
Model: Jaynarleeya Munro
Title of work: Girambit (Saltwater) 2020 Weaver: Nancy Pattison Model: Estella Blair
Title of work: Seaside dreaming 2020 Weaver: Aunty Pauline Grothkopp Model: Tulli Stevens

All Photography by Jay Black

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