Free Online Artist Mentoring Sessions – Building A Successful Arts Practice

Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance have partnered with Karen Zadra from GALERIE ZADRA to run a series of FREE workshops aimed at emerging artists.

Karen Zadra is an art dealer, an Australian Government-accredited valuer for the Cultural Gifts Program, and educator specialised in Indigenous contemporary art. She is the owner and founder of Galerie Zadra and the former gallery manager of Marshall Arts Adelaide. She represents Indigenous owned art centres from around Australia and has helped build the careers of many of the important artists from the APY-NPY region, working with public galleries and museums across Australia as well as overseas, including the British Museum. Karen was also Director of the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, SA, where she worked closely with some of the local Ngarrindjeri emerging artists. During her time in Adelaide she lectured in Professional Business Practices in the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Adelaide Central School of Arts. Her undergraduate (UNSW) and postgraduate (U. Leicester) theses investigated aspects of Indigenous art and culture. Karen grew up in Kempsey and Harts Range, north east of Alice Springs. She is now based in Basel, Switzerland.


DURATION: approx. 1 hour

Getting started … or reorganising your practice. Tuesday 3 October @ 6pm

  • Finding your own artistic voice. Who are you as an artist? What are your trying to achieve? What do you stand for?
  • How do you describe your artistic practice? Is it OK to change styles/mediums?
  • Understanding materials. The difference between “artist quality”, “student quality” and “budget” materials. What impact does the quality of the materials have your on work now and into the future (conservation considerations)
  • Documenting your work. How to set up cataloguing system to record your work details and images, as well as each work’s price, availability and location.


DURATION: approx. 1 hour

Getting down to business. Monday 6 November @ 6pm

  • Setting up a business. Do you need an ABN? Do you need to register for GST?
  • Pricing. How do you put a price on your work?
  • Invoicing & record-keeping. ATO compliant invoices. Keeping track of income and expenses.
  • Privacy & client records. If you are handling personal and financial details of clients, what are your legal obligations?


DURATION: approx. 1 hour

Selling your work. Monday 4 December @ 6pm

  • Sales channels. Selling direct; using an agent; galleries
  • Dealing with agents and resellers. What is an agency/gallery commission and how does it work? Upfront sales vs commissions. What to be aware of with agency (commission) agreements.
  • Resale royalties. What are they and when do they apply?

If you would be interested in participating in this opportunity and identify as an Aboriginal artist living within the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance footprint then please contact us to book in and receive the login information.

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